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The process of implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) moves away from using conventional word-processing & CAD into the increased use of common standards & product orientated representation. Although NWP offer this new service, we are still able to design to any older processes using leading 2D design packages.

BIM changes the emphasis by making the model the primary tool for documentation, from which an increasing number of documents or reports, such as plans, schedules & bills of quantities may be populated.

BIM involves much more than simply implementing new software. It is a different way of thinking. This requires a move away from the traditional workflow, with all parties including architects, surveyor, structural & building services engineer sharing a common information pool. This is a substantial shift from the more traditional convention where parties often work independently of one another. In essence, BIM involves building a digital prototype of the model & simulating it in a digital world.

Essentially, BIM combines technology with new working practices to improve the quality of the delivered product & also improve the reliability, timeliness & consistency of the process. It is equally applicable to asset and facilities management as it is to construction, because all parties involved with a BIM project have access to the same data, therefore information loss associated with handing a project over from design team to construction team & to building owner/operator is kept to a minimum.

A BIM model contains representations of actual parts & pieces being used to construct a building along with geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities & properties of building components. BIM can be used to demonstrate the entire building lifecycle from construction through to facility operation.

The government has recently given BIM its full backing, and introduced a mandatory upgrade for all organisations offering a building design service.

NWP have upgraded in order to achieve its aim as being one of the most respected BIM compliant building services designers nationwide. We believe using BIM software will greatly enhance our productivity, this along with our knowledge of the construction industry will mean we can deliver cutting edge future proof designs.

"Working with NWP was really great. They understood our client’s needs & how best to achieve them. We were given options of suppliers with cost-effective brands that achieved the desired look. The site team were hands on & always within reach by phone or email."
Nicolas Khalili, Managing Director – HWO Architects