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Travelodge – Caernarfon

Sector: Hotel & Leisure
Client: Travelodge Hotels Ltd
Main Contractor: Watkin Jones Group
Design Consultant:

NWP were responsible for the complete design and installation of the Mechanical & Electrical Services as described in the Travelodge specification, ensuring that the design and installation of the Engineering Services take full cognisance of the need to provide safe and easy access for future maintenance requirements. The services included: – Incoming electricity supplies, Low voltage distribution, Small power and ancillary services, Lighting installation, Fire alarm installation, Earthing installation, Electrical services to mechanical equipment, Emergency lighting, Cable containment system for security, Cable containment for telecom, Cable containment for t.v, External lighting, Lightning protection, Security installation, TV system, Incoming gas supply, Incoming water supply, Heating, Ventilation, Comfort cooling, Gas distribution, Domestic water services, Controls, Soil and waste disposal (above ground). A comprehensive calculations report was prepared and submitted to the Client prior to the install. The report included the following: – Calculations detailing the determination of the service capacities of the building, including diversity factors. Cable calculations for each main and sub main cable set out on cable calculation schedules. Cable calculations for final sub circuits for a typical lighting circuit, ring main circuit and radial circuit. Calculations to show lighting levels in each room or room type, or area (except bedrooms and bathrooms) Sample heat loss calculations for bedrooms, cooling loads for spaces to be provided with comfort cooling, air volumes to each ventilated space, water tank sizing, hot water heater sizing, sound pressure levels, with all plant at maximum duty, at site boundary and nearest bedroom location, soil and waste pipe sizing.

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"Working with NWP was really great. They understood our client’s needs & how best to achieve them. We were given options of suppliers with cost-effective brands that achieved the desired look. The site team were hands on & always within reach by phone or email."
Nicolas Khalili, Managing Director – HWO Architects